Our passion is
to help you
change the world

What We Do

We are creating business solutions that effectively communicate your message to your audience, our designs just look like art. Here’s what we can do for you.


We believe that great design enhances the way of the message. Our design services include graphic design, creative and art direction, production, website design, print and packaging.


We know your brand is a critical element of your business. That’s why we’ll help you define your brand through name creation, logo design, stationery and collateral development.


Our expertise is not limited by technology. Our background in fine arts allows us to create your vision on the fly across a range of services including event renderings, infographics, storyboarding, concept development, photo retouching, photo composition and custom drawings.


Say it with impact. From power point development and design to speaker support, we’ll help you deliver your message in an engaging and effective format.

How We Do It

We are an Ontario-based Graphic Design Solution Agency. Our design team wants to hear your ideas and to experience your passion to help make your business stand out. We offer big agency results but take a small studio approach.

Getting to know you

Every design project starts with collaboration. We learn everything about you, collectively define the proiect, set goals for the weeks to come, and determine metrics for success.

Designing your solution

With a firm understanding of the project, we introduce design concepts, build out wireframes, and work closely with you to find the solution that fits your business’ needs.

Building the Elements

Once the design direction is determined, we move into production. Here is where all the various elements of your project come together visually. Working with writers, photographers, and designers – your solution takes form

Bringing it all together

As we near the end of a project, we take special care to make sure every element is finalized. Communicating with printers, developers and other partners, we ensure that the final deployment of your project is on time, accurate and delivered with excellence.

Our Team

Fun-loving admirer of animation, builder of brands and innovator of illustration – Shane has a proven track record of bringing clients professional and unique visual solutions that provide results for over 15 years. Artsy and analytical, he is as equally comfortable with a pencil in his hand as he is solving a Rubik’s cube. Outside of his work you will find him riding motorcycles, hiking the Grand Canyon and breaking boards in karate class.
Shelly revels in all the tiny details. By zeroing in on each client’s unique nuances, she provides personalized project management, communication and quality assurance. Her no-nonsense, highly meticulous approach has served her well in multiple industries — valuable experience that lets her adapt to any business. When she’s not crossing T’s and dotting I’s, you’ll find Shelly in the kitchen perfecting her craft as a personal chef, or in the woods, sharing her love of hiking and camping as a Scout Leader.